Good-bye Japan!

Today is the last day for stay Japan.
Tomorrow,in early morning, I will leave here for a while. I do not decide when I come back yet...Now I have a short visa for 5 months only.in these months I will consider it if I stay longer or not.

In my thoughts, I wanna stay at least 1 year cause this is my first time to leave my home longer.And wanna know how is the real situation of Nepal directry. But some friends say that,

" you don't have to think too much,if you feel tight to stay there, you can come back. it is not needed "must " or "should"in your thoughts. Take it easy! Just enjoy!"

All right. I always think too much for everything and it make me tight I know. but I trust that this habit also will be changed by someone who met in Nepal ^^

Anyway, I will live "A simple life" from now.
And learn "A simple art " it is called as mithira art".
Exciting now^^

Thank you very much my friends, teachers,family and relatives and god.
They gave me a lots of chances(^o^)

I will never regret my choice.
Okay see you in China or Nepal.

Thank you Dad!

We(Dad,Mam and me) are living in Nagoya, Aichi-pref now.And about dad,he usually spend weekday in Tokyo for his job.From Monday to Friday he is in Tokyo and on Friday night,he returns to Nagoya.

And today I had to say Good-bye to dad cause on Thursday the night before departure,he can not return to Nagoya. I knew that from before and maybe he must have thought it too....he is shy and always keep silence,I think it is difficult to express his true heart smoothly for him.

He is diligent and always concentrated his job as engineer. he likes bridge so much and also designs the chart of it. He looks so busy and when he lived in Nagoya all the time,returned to home on 10:00 or 11:00 pm. That was why It is difficult to communicate with him. we felt lonely in our hearts but we tried not to be lonely.We encouraged each other and also him. By the way I am similar with my dad indeed, he good at writing sentence, good at play guitar (now we never see that),art and shy. Me too I love them very much (but for me, not guitar I play ocarina well!) I got a good senses from him, but you know we are shy each other so....we cant express something smoothly as I told before.

back to today....

We (dad,mam,me and grandma) went to one pond which is near from my house and took a walk together. today was very sunny and best condition for walking.

I had a chance to be with dad by accident.

I asked him,

"can you return to home on Thursday?"


"okay...so today is last day for spend together... well,bye bye"

and we shook our hands deeply.

"Be careful to guys like strangers."

"hehe....yeah okay."

then we back to home and enjoyed supper together including mam. We talked something,laughed and ate.

The time passed so quickly and he had to back to tokyo. We saw him off at station.
we did not talk a lot and just said "good-bye "each other. But I know our eyes told something in sure. Dad looked me for a while and raised his hand. "Good-bye" To be honest I tried not to cry in front of him. I did not show it him because did not want to show my weakness to him !

after that, he gave me mail and wrote like this:

"if you want to go ahead, you should check the condition around you and step one step"

" you should look around widely and judge something."

Thank you very much my dad I love you so much and I will remember you words in my heart forever! I am so lucky that I had a special dad like you. I understand you. I just go my way but I never afraid that because you are with me. See you again!!

The last day

Today is the last day for my job at post office.
It was not difficult to quit this job cause before I start it, I already told my boss that I can work up to Feb for my study abroad. Fortunately my boss accepted it and I could get this job up to now. Then last day came so quickly...(actually my working term was short...I started it from Aug.2009)

I went to working place with a little sadness and feel hard to look my working mate's faces too... You know in post office, Usually I am dividing post card and mail to each areas. Sometimes do it by hand and sometimes using automatic dividing machine. And I get phone for Re-delivering package in our area.Sometimes I get it as claim....today I got one noisy claim from one old man...He got angry with phone jam...ok forget it haha

Anyway, my last working was great. Today was Saturday and not busy like weekday. So I can say THANK YOU and MANY GREETINGS to my mates.I gave orange fruit which was sent from my sister from Kagoshima pref and gave my warmest THANK YOU to them! And also told about my study abroad and learn one traditional art in Nepal.They looked so surprise to hear that. I think they are thinking that Nepal is developing country and dangerous...but I think they also surprised about me, I will go to there in Nest week by alone and learn art! hehe

On weekday we are very busy for working so it is difficult to have rest time together fortunately...so I could not talk with them frequency. And today was first time to talk with them so deeply hahaha! surprise? I understood well that they are shy,simple,kind,and working hard! maybe me too...!

So, Now I am writing this in my room remembering days at post office. I learn a lot from them like working spirit. they are always honest to job and working hard with good smiles.honest to customer,honest to mates but yes, some times saying complain too. but I like their working styles.Even if they are busy but I feel that they look so happy with satisfy.

I had great teachers in this working place. I never forget my experience at post office. it will be great hint in my future as worker.I love community work in my living area! ( Japan post became private company now ) THANK YOU JAPAN POST !! I learn a lot!! And I'll bring this experience to Nepal too!

Someone gave me


on 14.Feb, I met catholic sister and my god mother having lunch together.
They blessed my progress that I chose my second stage in this time. Also catholic sister said "we organized a supporting team of Mayuka. I am head leader." They love my arts indeed also it seem to make them fine.

I am so happy if my art cure someone who feel tiredness...But I am sure If I feel tiredness by myself nobody agree my arts. So in order to get freedom in myself and to brush up my art I will go abroad.

Catholic sister also said that, "Your special skills like Painting and Drawing they are given by someone. Someone gave them to you as gift when you were born. they are your own skill please keep them up. "

"We are not same,we have own color and we paint our wall with our favorite one. Do not compare with others.you have your own purpose.Do not miss it. "

" You have good sense and you can chose right way under your own decision. So believe yourself.Do not think about others too much. Go your way with your gift!"

How much I moved these words....I cant say and I felt relax with these too.
Yes, her advices are right. My habit is thinking too much for others. Sometimes it make me tight.where is myself? like this.
But, this habit also my special skill which was given by someone. Love it too.

Anyway, After I met with them, my thinking style changed. I decided to walk with my weak point. Weak point is not weak. its a process to b e strong. nobody perfect but everybody trying to approach it even if it is too little.

Why I chose English for this blog?
For changing, challenging and want to be free and strong...
I never mind mistake..I know there are lots of mistakes for my English!

All natures like sun, wind, water, grand, green...they are always giving me marvelous power....

thank you very much. FOR YOU

13 days more

My departure day is coming up... 13 days more...wao I am just exciting it.

Now I am quite busy for preparation for my visit...I dont know my pareparation is enough ot not...cause this is my first time to spend for 1 year... Yes now i am planning to stay there about 1 year. It will be enough for my skill up and discovering myself! but busy busy for thinking like "what should I do next?" like this I know this is my not good habit that make me tight actually...hehe but yeah I just enjoying now in japan.

Now I am also busy to meet my friends...I am surrounded by many lovely frineds...u know they spare thier time for cheer me up.I can say how much i moved of thier kindly hearts.. many frieds are always ready to help me indeed.we are far each other but internet service and our strong networking heart make it easy to connect each other. we know it. Not only friends, my parents, sister and ancle.....they are also always beside me and make me smile. so.. I never feel lonely in there nepal. Yes, my Nepali friends also are there. I trust them and also they do for me. so I just concentrate my brush up, arts and myself...

I also thanking u to read this blog.this also give me a big power.Thanks. so In this 13 days...I will spend with my loving frineds and families. and U.

I am not perfect but nobody is perfect. we just live our own life in our level of satisfaction. we know it is hard to realize cause we want to make barrior for keeping our safe.

But what is safe? what is danger? yes... I am sailing my ocean which is called "life"!! I do !!